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with a little help from my friends

RLC Oahu is a community of Jesus' followers. As a community, we care about our members' well-being. While we focus on the spiritual, we also care for their physical and material needs.
Every human being attains God's shalom or God's wholeness when there is a perfect balance between spirit, soul, and body.

Some of our RLC Oahu members and friends are being challenged by their present circumstances to attain that shalom. We are praying for healing over their body, soul, and spirit.

We also want you to consider supporting them financially. Yes, these beloved friends are battling cancer.
Cancer treatments demand spending an enormous amount of money. It is not only the treatment cost in itself but the lack of income due to the patient's impossibility to work, the never-ending trips to hospitals and consultations, food for the caregivers, and miscellaneous expenses that add up to an already difficult situation.
The following are brief stories to introduce you to our beloved ones in need of help.

Ku'uipo is the daughter of Eldon and Rolinda Kohatsu. She is 27 years old and has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

We are close to Eldon and Rolinda because they embraced Nicole as friends and mentors when she first started attending church to become a Jesus follower. This couple's testimony is living proof that God can redeem and heal any circumstance.


They have raised a beautiful family and faithfully serve at New Hope Winward church in Oahu.


They are actively supporting us with the Redeemed Life Church Oahu planting process. Only people who love God would have additional time to help others while facing a season like this.


Rolinda and Ku'uipo are here in Southern California going through a holistic treatment for 5 weeks. Ku'uipo has already gone through a hysterectomy and doctors have found that her cancer has spread to her stomach and intestines. However, we believe that God hears the prayer of the righteous and that there is power in His name.


She and her family truly need all the healing prayers we could pray for them and all the financial support we could provide.

At Redeemed Life Church we believe we are blessed by having you, yes, you the reader, a prayer warrior and potential donor, as a member of our mat squad (Mark 2:3-5 NIV).

You can donate by visiting the following GoFundme campaign.

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